Welcome to Patt’s Office

We are a unique Administrative Consulting business that focuses on the personal assisting needs of the small business owner.

So your wondering.. what is  an Administrative Consultant?

An administrative consultant (typically abbreviated to AC, is an entrepreneur who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office.

Pretty simple!

So why would I need one?

There are many depending on your needs, but here are a few good reasons to start.

  • You have paperwork that you can’t keep up with
  • You need calendar and appointment assistance
  • Someone else could manage your communication
  • You need help compiling information on projects
  • You run a small business and have too much work on your plate


What are some of the benefits of having a AC work for you?

  1. With a AC, you save money as you don’t have to provide office space, furnishings or equipment. Every AC works from their own office environment.
  2. With a AC, you don’t have to worry about coordinating work schedules. Simply send off the work to be done with a due date.
  3. A client only pays for the actual time a AC spends on completing the task. No money spent on bathroom visits, water cooler chats, or coffee breaks.
  4. When hiring a AC, there is no need to pay for fringe benefits like health insurance, vacation pay or employer wage deductions. A AC takes care of all their own overhead costs.
  5. In-house staff will probably require training. A AC is already proficient with the latest tools and technology to do the job.
  6. As an independent business owner themselves, a AC has the ability to see the bigger picture. Unlike an employee, a AC knows and understands the challenges of running a business.
  7. An AC invests in their own business and has the software available to complete projects. A client can save money by not having to use their funds to purchase software for every new project.
  8. As a worldwide organization, AC’s have a resource pool available to call upon. If there is a time constraint, they have access to numerous connections who can be called upon to complete the job.
  9. Commuting is never a problem with a AC. Your work will get completed even during the worst weather. No down time due to traffic accidents, construction or vehicle emergencies.
  10. As each client relationship is protected with a Confidentiality Agreement, you can be confident in the integrity of your AC and don’t need to worry about confidential company information being leaked at the water cooler.


Are they expensive?

No, not really.  Since you do not have to provide all the standards needed for an employee you save money using them.  You decided how much work to give them and what task.  And pay for the work completed.  Most AC’s work hourly.  But also have project or block rates.  Some AC’s will allow you to purchase hours in advance at a discounted rate.