Starting Over..Again!!!

Starting Over..Again!!!

FitnessOver 10 years ago I was in the best shape ever and thought I would still be there today.  I was so devoted and never thought it would change…But once again I am starting over..

I could just stay here 27lbs over weight or take this picture and use it to inspire myself.

I think using this to inspire what I can do is a much better idea…

But why now?  Sometimes it takes a health issue or a bad situation to get going.  I had both and was able to get in great shape in 2012.  2 years later… Overweight and unhealthy again.

At some point I have to just stop the insanity and get back to the program.

In 2012 I was looking good for a Cancun vacation.  When I had a ziplining accident on that vacation it put me back.  And I let it… I tried several times to get back but it was hard and I just let go … Now I see why the little things in 2 years added the 27 pounds..  Its those little things that can kill ya in the long run.

So now back to clean eating and small smart moves.. It may take my awhile to get the 27lbs off.  Hey at least if I stay consistent and focused I can get back to having the healthy lifestyle I deserve….At some point you just have to say to yourself your worth it….

Happy Fitness.. Happy Girl!!!

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